Safety Tips

Drive safe with West Lake tires.

Here are some safety tips to add life to your tires and longevity to your many long drives.

  1. Tire Pressure
    Air Pressure in your tires drops in cold weather that affects safety and fuel consumption .Remember to check your tire's air pressure at least once a month to ensure optimum performance every day.
  2. Removal and Fitting
    We recommend taking help from a trained professional for your tire removal and fitting.
  3. Wheel Balancing
    For your tire's long life, keep them balanced.
  4. Tire Rotation
    Even out the wear on all your tires by subjecting them to rotation. They'll share the workload and last 20% longer.
  5. Outdoor Temperature
    When outdoor temperature fluctuates around -7°C, your tires get affected. Remember to change tires as soon as temperature drops.

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