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We have been in tire business since 1979, manufacturing high quality tires that perform exceptionally well under any weather or road condition. Years in manufacturing and selling tires have made us an expert in the industry and we understand your tire needs and preferences.

All Westlake tires are manufactured according to market requirements and are backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee. Westlake Tires have been manufactured since 1992, with focus on the needs of the North American market. Our specially designed winter tires and all-season tires perform exceptionally well on and off-road.

When it comes to knowing roads, Westlake Tires have passed the true tests of time and geography. We have been manufacturing a full line of top quality tires that have been confidently treading roads in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Westlake Tires have been sold in Canada for over 26 years now and is among the top choices of our patrons.

Westlake Tires have been manufactured in a state of the art facility that has earned several awards, including recognition from various agencies including the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Economic Commission of Europe (ECE). We also recently scored the top position at a tire testing event held at Finland by ZC Rubber, who is one of the top 10 tire manufacturers. The event specifically tested winter tires in subzero temperatures and Westlake headed the leaderboard with ease and finesse.

Driven by the business philosophy of "innovation, pursuit of perfection, interactive, win-win", Westlake Tire continues to make great efforts in the production of environmental protection products and working with its domestic and global distributors to constantly improve and expand its line of top quality products.

Safety Tips

Drive safe with West Lake tires.

Here are some safety tips to add life to your tires and longevity to your many long drives.

  1. Tire Pressure
    Air Pressure in your tires drops in cold weather that affects safety and fuel consumption .Remember to check your tire's air pressure at least once a month to ensure optimum performance every day.
  2. Removal and Fitting
    We recommend taking help from a trained professional for your tire removal and fitting.
  3. Wheel Balancing
    For your tire's long life, keep them balanced.
  4. Tire Rotation
    Even out the wear on all your tires by subjecting them to rotation. They'll share the workload and last 20% longer.
  5. Outdoor Temperature
    When outdoor temperature fluctuates around -7°C, your tires get affected. Remember to change tires as soon as temperature drops.


Westlake Tire Canada

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